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1Amy Winehouse spits 16 bars Can she flow? Comment now

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20Lady gaga to debut new single on SNL

















 After witnessing Lady Gaga’s violently dramatic performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards earlier this month (blood! hangings!), when word broke the former Rolling Stone cover star would rock Saturday Night Live this coming weekend, fans started to prep for something suitably epic. Gaga says she’ll deliver — with a brand-new track. The singer told Las Vegas and San Diego radio stations KLUC and 94.1 she’ll perform the as-yet-unspecified new song along with “Paparazzi,” according to MTV News.

The new track could be destined for an expanded re-release of her smash debut, which Gaga said is called The Fame: Monster and is due November 24th (the star’s rep confirmed a re-release will be released that day). “I wrote almost a full album’s worth of material and right now I’m kind of spending my time sifting through it all and doctoring it and making it perfect and deciding what I want everyone to hear,” she reportedly said.

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1Lil Wayne talks about how he almost got shot at by Groupies Plus New song by Chris Brown

Unusal story of how Lil wayne describes an incident that took place in Jacksonville, Florida involving groupies shooting at him?????

 Chris Brown new song  leaked  via his Twitter page yesterday called “I Can Transform Ya” which features Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz.






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0Diddy’s tired of groupie love





















Rapper SEAN COMBS has given up his womanising ways because he’d much rather be intimate with one lover.
The entrepreneur, who is reportedly dating R&B star Cassie, messed up his long-term romance with
Kim Porter by cheating on her with a photographer, who fell pregnant.
Porter walked out on Diddy when she herself was pregnant with his twins.
But the rap mogul insists he has learned his lesson – and now he wants to settle down with the perfect woman.
He tells Black Book
magazine, “I guess the things that used to thrill me don’t thrill me so much anymore.
“Intimacy is more important to me than sleeping with hot chicks. I don’t even know if I really savoured every menage a trois I had. I don’t want to do it all over again.”
And, despite his lothario image, Combs, 39, insists he’s not among the world’s great lovers.
He adds, “Love is something I strongly connect with, but it’s not something I’ve conquered. I really can’t sit here pretending to be the premier expert on love.”

0Rihanna and her assistant Melissa hugged up?



























Rihanna and her best friend Melissa have been spotted  overseas vacationing . This past weekend they were spotted spending time in Venice, after attending the wedding of Rihanna’s manager Marc Jordan. I dont think Rihanna gives a shit.

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0Gwen Stefani’s mansion gets Robbed!!


On Saturday night while Gwen Stefani was at a concert in Singapore,her £4 million London mansion was smashed open by thieves.The thieves broke into the flat that Stefani rented out to Dame Elizabeth Forgan, head of the Arts Council.
Some jewelery were missing and the front door badly damaged.Despite the door being badly damaged, no one noticed for another 12 hours until a passer-by raised the alarm and flagged down a police car. The Burglars tried to reach the top floor of the mansion that Gwen’s Husband and kids live but the were unable to get in.







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0Baby gets a tattoo just for Wayne





















photos by derickg


150 cents hospitalized!

after listening to fat joe’s new album!

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0Lil Wayne 27th Birthday Bash $1,000,000 watch and diamond studded cake

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