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1Lady Gaga and Anderson Cooper Get Drunk Together

Andy boy admitted to getting  sh*t faced on  Irish whiskey with lady gaga in a London pub during a interview for 60 minutes.

“We actually ended up that day in a pub in London drinking Jameson, which I don’t really drink,” the CNN journalist toldThe Insider. “By the end, I was ready to have the interview be over, because I really sort of couldn’t ask anymore questions.”

I bet Gaga drank Anderson under the table easily.

Apparently, hittin’ up the pub was Gaga’s way of giving the interview a more “relaxed” atmosphere.

0Nicki Minaj visits Regis and Kelly| Regis Grabs Nicki’s Ass


Nicki Minaj visited the set of ‘Regis & Kelly: Las Vegas’ for a brief interview and performance of‘Right Thru Me’ yesterday morning.

Old  man  Regis attempted to “adjust” Nicki’s dress stating, “it looks like you have a little strap around you” while tapping the back of her thigh. (Around 3:30 mark)
Towards the end of the interview when he asks her what advise does Lil’ Wayne give her, after stating Wayne tells me to go hard”, Regis adds, “Go hard? Wish I could”. WATCH

0Khloe Kardashian Speaks on Loosing Her Virginity @ 14 [Video]

The Kardashian Sisters were on the view this week to promote their upcoming shows and new book “Kardashian Konfidential”.

Khloe opened up about loosing her virginity at 14 years old to a 18 year old young man and feeling disgusted & dirty afterwards. WATCH

0Matt Kemp (Almost) Caught Cheating on Rihanna

Peep the 12 second mark and watch how a  female yells “Matt” — before she spots the paparazzi and walks away.  ~SUSPICIOUS~

0Kingston Rossdale Get Multi- Colored Mani Pedi with Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani takes her son Kingston to get his mani pedi to go along with his punk hair style.


1Nicki Minaj: My Time Now (Full Video)

Nicki Minaj: My Time NowCelebrity News

Nicki Minaj: My Time NowCelebrity News
Nicki Minaj: My Time NowCelebrity News

Nicki Minaj: My Time NowCelebrity News

Nicki Minaj: My Time NowCelebrity News

Nicki Minaj: My Time NowCelebrity News

Nicki Minaj: My Time NowCelebrity News

I watched Nicki Minaj‘s Mtv special last night… You can tell she really loves her immediate and extended family and wants them to be happy.

Her condo out in LA is sick. I enjoyed watching her travel back to  her roots in Trinidad. WATCH

0CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Learns To Dougie At The Soul Train Awards

Doug E. Fresh taught Blitzer had to Dougie at the Soul Train Awards…

0R.Kelly at Soul Train Awards [Video] Kills The Stage!

It takes a lot to impress me … Putting aside the allegations that have haunted R. Kelly for years, He was amazing on stage!

Trey Songz take some serious notes!

0New [Video] Keri Hilson (feat Rick Ross) The Way You Love Me’

The song is recorded for Keri  Hilson‘s upcoming second studio album “No Boys Allowed” which is due out December 21. The  music video comes from the direction hands of Laurieann Gibson. You might remember Laurieann from Diddy’s Making The Band.

Watch for cameo’s from JoJoFaith Evans, and Dawn Richard(dirty money) .

BTW  Keri  does a lot of coochie poppin in the video.

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