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8Birdman purchased 8 million dollar car

The Maybach Exelero is a one of a kind, custom built two-door super car with a top speed of 214 mph.

This car is fugly and to think this fool spent 8 million dollars on this —puh lease !!!!!!!!

1The Royal Wedding Prince William and Kate

Keepin you informed

Kate Middleton 29, wore a  stunning  ivory & white Sarah Burton wedding gown from the house of Alexander McQueen.

see excellent breathtaking video coverage of the royal wedding

2Video: Chris Brown & Justin Bieber Perform “Look At Me Now”


Chris Brown
& Justin Bieber are both currently on tour in Australia. Anywho Justin surprised the audience by bringing out Breezy to perform ”Look At Me Now”.

wowed the crowed by spittin Busta Rhymes verse. lil dude went in and held his own..

1Nicki Minaj’s the face of ALLURE Magazine

Nicki is this months face of Allure magazine. *Round of applause*

How many wigs do you have? A hundred? Right before I walk out the door, I grab one. Today, I wore a beige jacket and brown boots and I wanted to keep the whole earth-tone color scheme, so I did blonde. But it all depends on my mood. I just like to feel euphoric and free—so I’m going for more of the pink and the crazy, weird stuff now.

Do your alter egos have their own styles? They definitely do. Martha’s an older lady in her 60s or 50s. The nerdy look I did in my Saturday Night Live sketch was Dexter. I haven’t unveiled Roman yet. I can’t wait to show everyone what he looks like! I think that my more flamboyant stuff is definitely not Nicki—it’s basically Roman in drag.

Do you have any beauty icons? I love Cyndi Lauper’s style. I remember watching her as a kid and thinking, I don’t know who this is, but I want to hang out with her. Her style looked like a piece of art to me.

What beauty products are in your purse? Find out more

1Video Footage: Amber Rose in Barbados

0Pop Beef: Beyonce & Lady Gaga

A paid ad  shows up from Interscope Records directing you to the original song record Beyonce sampled for Girls (Who Run the World) when you type  #beyonce  in the search results.

If you remember a few months, rumors circulated online that Lady gaga & Beyonce were beefing according to the national enqiure:

“The bad blood between Beyoncé and Gaga has been brewing for months, but it really exploded after the Grammy Awards in February,” the insider said. “Beyoncé thought Gaga’s entrance was way over the top and ridiculously self-serving. Every other artist worked the red carpet in a traditional manner, but Gaga made it all about her.”

According to Gaga’s folks, she’s a bit shocked by her peer’s disapproval.

“At this point, Gaga is used to people criticizing her. It’s part of being so successful,” said a source from Gaga’s camp. “But she never expected it from Beyoncé whom she saw as a friend and supporter. Gaga plans to confront her the next time they run into each other and demand an apology.”

050 cent Rocks Jheri Curl for New Movie Role & Clickable LINKS

Taking his acting career seriously, 50 cent  sports a jheri curl or is that a s-curl for new movie along side Forrest Whitaker in ‘Freelancers’


Win tickets to see  Britney Spears
Live Royal wedding coverage
Atlanta cop punches woman in the face at IHOP
Perks of being a princess will pay off for Kate Middleton
Lindsay lohan on the tonight show
Shaq and Hoops need their own reality show asap
Flavor flav closes restaraunt over bad potatoe salad
Rihanna in a burberry crochette jacket
Zoe Kravitz in Wonderland
Chris Brown comments on his engagement

0Watch: Lady Gaga Perform ”Judas” on Ellen

0Miley Cyrus is So Braless

Miley Cyrus tweeted the above photo with the tweet  ‘I am who I am! #braless.’

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