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0New video by Rick Ross feat Jay z & Dr Dre ”3 Kings”

0New Video by Nicki Minaj ”Pound the Alarm”


Watch Nicki pound the alarm in her native of Trinidad and Tobago over 4th of July weekend. The video highlights Trinidad’s famous carnival in the Port of Spain.

1Ice Cubes ”Last Friday” Poster


The rumors are true!  Ice Cube would be writing, producing, and possibly directing the final installment in the Friday franchise, tentatively titled Last Friday, and that the first film’s co-star, Chis Tucker, will be returning.

U ready?

0Hot Trending Topics


The Hangover 3 is on the way. Above is the first teaser logo.

Kristen Stewart cheating photos

US weekly paid 250k for kristen stewart photos

dear kristen you’re an idiot

Oprah blasts twitter user

chick fil a gets gay stamp approval


0Nicki Minaj Security and Boyfriend SB Stomp Fan After Jumping on Stage



Minaj‘s Pink Friday: Roman Loaded tour stopped in Florida and a overly excited fan jumped the stage and tried to hug Nicki.  That’s a no no. Her security team rushed the stage along with boyfriend SB  and stomped the heck out of the dude. His friends jumped on the stage and tried to see if he was alright.

Watch the video.

0Jay z and Beyonce Crazy Hamptons Summer Rental


Jay,  Beyonce  and Blue Ivy will be enjoying a 12 bedroom mansion tucked away in the Hamptons for the rest of the summer. One month rent is $400,000.

The mansion is equipped with a heated pool, recording studio, skateboard half-pipe, rock-climbing wall, full tennis court, two-lane bowling alley, racquetball and squash court, movie theater, virtual golf course, basketball court, and a complete spa facility including steam room, jacuzzi, sauna, gym, and massage area.

If you are interested in buying it costs $43 million

See more amazing [ photos ]

0Jay Z executive produces NBA 2K13


Jay released this mini clip via life + times blog. All you game heads can expect a October 2nd release date.

0New music by 50 cent feat Alicia Keys & Dr. Dre ‘New Day’


Alicia let Fiddy borrow her hook for his ”New Day” single feat Dr Dre. If you like this version it will be on Fiddy’s forthcoming album Street King Immortal

1Jada Pinkett Smith Bikini Photo ”To my Forty and over crew! we DO get better with age!”


Don’t sleep on 40 year old Jada Pinkett Smith. Her body is tight!

”To my Forty and over crew! Don’t believe the hype…we DO get better with age!” wrote Willow’s mom Jada


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