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0Video: MTV’s This Is How I Made It: Chris Brown (Teaser)

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Chris Brown reflects on his music career and personal life in “This is how I Made It”


“I can’t hate people for making judgment on me or making a decision of liking me or not liking me. All I can do is try to be better as a person, and I’m good with knowing everything isn’t going to always be perfect.”

In the teaser clip, the “Deuces” singer meets with fans at a high school gym. “The actual support is unreal to me. They’ve put me in a position to be able to help people and continue to do music and help my family and help my mom.”

0Natina Reed of ”Blaque” Passes Away at 32 from Hit and Run Accident

Natina Reed, of the girl group Blaque, has passed away.  According to unconfirmed reports and twitter, she was involved in a hit-and-run early this morning in Atlanta,ga , just a day before her 33rd birthday. She is survived by a son fathered by rapper Kurupt.


According to several sources, the rapstress was walking across the street last night when she was hit by a car. As of now, there are no further details surrounding the circumstances of the accident.


11Drake’s High School Graduation (video)

As we reported a few days ago, Drake took to twitter to announce to his millions of followers that he graduated from high school at the tender ago of 25. Drake dropped out of school to pursue an acting career. He played wheelchair Jimmy on Degrassi the next generation.

He received his diploma from Jarvis C.I. in Toronto.


0New video by Nicki Minaj ”Va Va Voom”

Minaj is gearing up for Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded The Re-Up arrival in a few weeks.  Nicki Minaj premieres the visual for  “Va Va Voom.”

Nick’s bossman Wayne was hospitalized twice 24 hours


0Lil Wayne Suffers 2nd Seizure on a plane

It hasn’t been a good 24 hours for Lil Wayne.  Lil Wayne is about to be released from a Louisiana hospital after suffering ANOTHER seizure on board an airplane his 2nd seizure in 24 hours.

Weezy was on board a flight from Texas to LAX — when he began to convulse.  The flight was immediately diverted to Louisiana.and Wayne was admitted to a local hospital for treatment.

Wayne had been hospitalized last night (thursday) after a pilot reported that the rapper was experiencing seizures on board his flight.


0Delonte West Suspended Indefinitely by Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks are looking to release guard Delonte West after he was suspended indefinitely Thursday for conduct detrimental to the team.

According to ESPN Dallas, the Mavericks are negotiating terms of West’s release with his agent. Thursday’s suspension was West’s second in two weeks.

Delonte West said he was being blamed for an argument between teammates after an 88-76 exhibition loss to Oklahoma City on Wednesday.

“There was an argument between two teammates in the locker room last night that didn’t involve me,” West said. “Somehow I’m being blamed for it. I had nothing to do with it. I don’t know what’s going on.”

He tweeted the following late Thursday:

“I love the city of Dallas..I love playin in the NBA…no I’m not off my meds…no I ain’t on no bipolar trip…this real people lives….And it just ain’t right.”

“Imma leave it at ill will towards no one…I’m just sittin here across from the arena wit tear in my eyes.”



0New video by Ciara ”Got Me Good” Watch It Now


Today is Ciara‘s 27th birthday depending on who you ask. As promised she released the visual to ”Got Me Good”

1Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama


Colin Powell former secretary of state “I voted for Barack in 2008 and I plan to stick with him in 2012 and I’ll be voting for he and for Vice President Joe Biden next month.”

Summarizing the past four years under Obama, Powell said “Generally we’ve come out of the dive and we’re starting to gain altitude.” He acknowledged that problems remain, saying “The unemployment rate is too high, people are still hurting in housing but I see that we’re starting to rise up.”



0Jessica Simpson’s Father Joe Admits to Being ”Gay”



According to a bombshell new report, Jessica Simpson’s world was turned upside-down when her manager-dad Joe Simpson recently dropped a bomb on his unsuspecting family: An insider says he confessed he’s gay!

And not only has a family source told The National Enquirer that 54-year-old Joe came out of the closet, the source says the former youth pastor and Baptist minister has a 20-something boy toy!

The stunning confession was the real reason wife Tina filed for divorce from Joe, her husband of 34 years, in late September, the Enquirer reports.

“Joe got the family together about two months ago and came out of the closet,”an insider divulged. “He told them that he’d tried to continue in his marriage to Tina, but he couldn’t go on any longer and deny the fact that he had these feelings for men.

“Joe said it wasn’t fair to her, and it wasn’t fair to him.” Tina, 52, filed for divorce in McLennan County, Texas, on Sept. 24. In the paperwork, she cites “discord or conflict of personalities” as grounds for the marital dissolution.

Meanwhile, Joe has been spiraling out of control for some time. He was busted for drunk driving in Sherman Oaks, Calif., on August 4.

“The police report stated that there was someone else in the car with Joe,” said a source close to the Simpson family. “Some reports have stated it was Tina, but now the belief is that it may well have been a boyfriend.”

For more exclusive details on the Simpson family saga, including how this could affect Jessica’s billiondollar empire, pick up the latest issue of The National Enquirer on newsstands Thursday.


Her father always had a zesty look to him in photos. How will Jessica and Ashlee deal with the media regarding their dad?

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