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Look B!tch Entertainment Blog is an extension of DivaArtist.com. It was added to the site October of 2009.

We’re always posting new fresh content to the site at no cost to you. It’s no secret that teenagers and young adults spend more time online than watching televison and listening to the radio. So we do our best to provide  the latest in hip hop music  rock, pop, celebs, rumors, tech, cars, ink, fashion and whatever else the world is buzzing about.

Even though i’m a hiphop  enthusiast, you will find the content posted range of different topics that you can relate too.



The  site divaartist.com  was  built  for  all the musically talented divas and  boss bitches whether your in corporate america or in the streets.

A diva is the female version of an hustler. A go-getta, a chick that can hold her own, a chick that knows who she is and where she stands! A diva has attitude and Diva Swag! A diva doesn’t chase after men, men chase after her. A diva follows her own rules. A diva keeps it diva! A diva is street smart.

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females: teenagers (18) and up

target audience:  female teenagers (18) and up

About the blogger

Name: Jayden
Age:  20’s

Born -and- Bred Mt. Vernon ,NY| creative | crazy | random | funny | ambitious | Capricorn | love loud music | ice coffee | proud  internet stalker| reality tv junkie | working for myself | smartass | follow me on twitter @urbanpoprock ….

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