Cassie – RockaByeBaby Free Mixtape

Download Cassie’s mixtape here



1. “Intro”
2. “Paradise” feat. Wiz Khalifa
3. “Take Care of Me Baby” feat. Pusha T
4. “Addiction” feat. French Montana
5. “Numb” feat. Rick Ross
6. “Sound of Love” feat. Jeremih
7. “I Love It” feat. Fabolous
8. “RockaByeBaby”
9. “I Know Whatcha Want”
10. “Turn Up” feat. Meek Mill
11. “Do My Dance” feat. Too $hort 1
12. “Bad Bitches” feat. Ester Dean
13. “All My Love”


It’s been about 6-7 years since Cassie dropped  an album. caught up with the 26 year to talk about her new mixtape  and working with other artists. For the full interview jump over to rap-up

Why did you decide to do a mixtape before another album?
I had been working on a second album for years and went through different changes and released singles and then the project would change again. It was just a lot of peaks and valleys and I felt like I’ve had so many consistent supporters and people that really believe in what I do and they wanted to hear something new, and music was getting leaked like crazy. I felt like I could never catch up to things that were coming out and it was always something. I think that giving music as opposed to selling music is a really dope thing you can do if you have the opportunity to do it because you get to do it exactly the way you want.

I still am working on my album. I’ve been in with and Toby Gad and Makeba Riddick and Da Internz. I did a record on the mixtape called “Paradise” with Wiz [Khalifa]. I did that record with Da Internz, but we have two for my album that we worked on together that are so dope. So I’ve been simultaneously working on it too, but the mixtape just felt right at this time and it came together so seamlessly.

Were any of the tracks on RockaByeBaby intended for the album?
One of them, a record that I did with Ester Dean called “Bad Bitches.” I was on the fence, not about putting it on the tape, but the record is just so left of what’s actually on the mixtape ’cause there are darker parts and it goes through a series of changes. When you press play I don’t want you to have to feel like you have to skip around and I don’t want you to have to listen to it and sit there and listen to the words and the music. You can turn it down, still talk to your friends, have drinks, smoke, do whatever, or you can turn up. You can literally turn it up and have a party. That’s how I want it to feel. Every song flows into each other. There’s transitions, interludes, and it’s really fluid.


You shot a video for “Paradise” with Wiz. How was it working with him?
Working with Wiz is so much fun every time. He’s always smiling. I wanna be on whatever he’s on. He and Amber just had a baby, he’s just so happy. I want to shoot a visual for the majority of the records and I think that’s what the best delivery is to give a visual and music together because then you get to conceptualize and people get to understand what you meant when you made the record. I just want it to feel like our age. I want it to feel like us and our generation and not be forced. There’s so much stuff that gets forced on our generation. Finding your place in the world and making sure whatever you’re doing, you’re stamping it. I think that that’s the vibe with the visuals and the concept of the visuals and the music being a complete package.

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