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0Blac Chyna and Amber Rose are new BFF’s

After Kim Kardashian learned bff Blac chyna’s was uploading photos of her new bestie Amber Rose (Kanye’s ex), Kim quickly unfollowed her a$$ on Instagram. Blac Chyna returned the favor right back.

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Tyga has been snapped all over LA hanging out with 17 year old Kylie Jenner.

The Kardashian clan and Tyga recently attended French Montana’s 30th birthday bash. The crew took a group photo but Kim posted a Tyga less cropped out edited photo most likely showing her allegiance to Blac Chyna. But that wasn’t good enough for BC.

For the record Kim doesn’t approve of Tyga’s relationship with her kid sister. Kim feels Kylie is breaking the g-code.


Comments OffKim Kardashian Bares All in Paper Magazine



Kim Kardashian bares all on the cover of Paper magazine’s Winter 2014 issue.

The duo’s goal is to break the internet.  The public’s appetite for Kim Kardashian just won’t let up.


0French Montana Turns 30 and parties with the Kardashians



Happy birthday baby boy! In only a short amount of time we have created timeless memories. Happy birthday to a man who genuinely lives life to its fullest. “What’s understood doesn’t need to be explained” @frenchmontana I can’t wait to celebrate life with you tonight! You deserve it!! 21h

French Montana turned dirty 30  and turned up with the Kardashians and boss man Diddy in LA.  A few other celebs were also in attendance. French Montana‘s ex Khloe Kardashian posted a touching message to her “baby boy” which you can read above.  French and Khloe split this past September but seem to be hanging out again.

Khloe Kardashian reportedly said that she did not want to label her relationship with Montana.

“We’re hanging out,” Kardashian reportedly said Thursday. “I don’t think there is a title on anything.” She also added that at times she felt “awkward” when asked about Montana.

Despite speculation of a breakup, French told Us Weekly last month, “She’s my baby forever. She’s good. She’s the best. There’s no bad blood with her. I love how she is. She inspires me as a person. I’m sure I inspire her in many different ways. We just have that special relationship. Right now we’re in a special zone… She’s a beautiful person. I don’t think a lot of people know how beautiful she is.”


Click the IG slideshow above

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0Kim Kardashian crops Tyga out of IG Photo



French Montana celebrated his 30th birthday party Sunday with the Kardashians in Bel Air. More on that in a later post. There is heavy speculation that 25 year old Tyga is dating 17 year old Kylie Jenner. Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna- (Tyga’s ex )are very close friends.

Anyway Tmz posted a side by side photo of the group above and although the two photos are different, Tyga is clearly cropped out of one.  You can view the photos here.

Here’s the tea on how Kim feels about Tyga’s “relationship” with her younger sister.

Sources directly connected to Kim tell TMZ … her issue has nothing to do with her 17-year-old sister dating a 24-year-old. In fact … we’re told Kim says she’s in the dark as to whether the relationship is even physical.

But for Kim … it boils down to allegiance. One of her good friends is Blac Chyna, Tyga’s baby mama. We’re told Kim feels like both Kylie and Tyga should have been more respectful and realized they were putting her in the middle of an impossible situation.

Kim made her feelings clear with the photo at French Montana‘s birthday party Sunday … where she cropped Tyga out of the pic.

Kim is saying her sister in a way is violating “the code” — you don’t date the ex of someone who’s close to you or a family member. That said … Kim makes it clear she loves Kylie and has her back, but she thinks Kylie is making a bad choice.




0Mag Swag with Rihanna and Nicki Minaj

0Celebrity Halloween Costume 2014 Roundup



0Tyga hacks Blac Chyna’s Twitter

So this happened…. Blac Chyna “liked” one of Drake’s photo’s on IG after a photo of Tyga and Kylie Jenner surfaced of the two dressed up as Chuckyand Bride of chucky for halloween. Tyga got mad and responded by tweeting “That ain’t my hoe”.

Blac Chyna released some new IG selfies  hours later and tagged ol boy Drake and captioned one photo with lyrics from Drake’s “Patience” song.




All of a sudden these  series of mysterious tweets popped up from Blac Chyna‘s account.

Later Blac Chyna accused Tyga of hacking her account on IG.



0Keyshia Cole dry humps piano for Birdman

#KeyshiaCole girl!!! What you on that got you feeling this good??? A video posted by mouthtoears (@mouthtoears) on

Keyshia Cole will not face assault charges for attacking a woman in Birdman’s hotel suite about a month ago. tmz says prosecutors have told Cole that instead of going to trial, they want her to appear at an informal office hearing, where someone from the City Attorney’s Office will listen to her and the victim and then give the singer a stern warning not to do it again … or else.

The hearing officer can require Cole to go to anger management courses … something they’ve done in similar cases before.

Right after the news broke, Keyshia Cole uploaded two video clips intended for Birdman of herself dry humping a piano  to Instagram. The videos have since been deleted. It was never confirmed Keyshia and Birdman were an item

0Tyrese and Sanaa Lathan Spotted on a Date


via tmz

Actor Tyrese Gibson almost made a clean getaway with his new GF — almost — but we got the shot of him out on a date with Actress  Sanaa Lathan … the first shot of the new power couple.

Sources close to the pair tell TMZ … Tyrese and Sanaa had dinner at Pizzeria Mozza in Hollywood on Monday, but no one got pics or video. Then on Wednesday night they hit the Cheesecake Factory in Topanga … and our camera guy spotted them.

Later on Sanaa added fuel to fire by posting a IG photo of herself  inside of Tyrese’s home.
Are these two dating?
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