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0New video by Azealia Banks – “Ice Princess”

0Azealia Banks


Rapper Azealia Banks did an interview with  QutQ‘s Xorje Olivares on Sirius XM to defend her possible overuse of the word faggot


“I definitely think a lot of the time with the ‘white gay media’ – especially with female artists – in order for you to seem successful or seem feminine you have to desire their approval. I feel like a lot of times gay men can be way more misogynistic than even straight men. Even how they come to you picking at your hair, telling you you’re fat, telling you all this other shit. Telling you how to be a woman. What the fuck do you know about being a woman?

Is she homophobic or nah?

“To be homophobic would imply that I’m, like, ‘I can’t sit next to a gay man cuz Imma catch the gay, but I already caught the gay. I feel like when I use the word ‘faggot,’ it comes from, like, a feminist point of view, not a homophobic point of view. It’s really just kinda like you feel attacked as a woman.”


Banks made it clear the word will not be dropped from her vocabulary anytime soon.

Full interview here

0Listen: Rihanna “FourFiveseconds” feat Kanye & Paul McCartney


0TLC raised more than $150k from Kickstarter campaign for new & final Album




The remaining duo created a kickstarter campaign on Monday January 19 to fund recording their fifth and final studio album. Fans helped TLC more than reach their goal of $150,000 in just two days. At the time of this writing, TLC has over $185,000 in pledge money.  Pop star Katy Perry contributed $5,000. TLC hasn’t recorded an album since group member Lisa “Lefteye” Lopes lost her life.

Check out their kickstarter video below

Here’s where TLC says the money is going

Every penny we raise during this campaign will go towards MAKING this final album together with you! The initial goal of $150,000 will go towards a writing session in the studio with a producer and engineer. The money beyond that will go to booking music producers, writing sessions, mixing sessions, recording sessions, and SO much more.


The donations come with rewards. For example donations of $500 will receive autographed lyrics for “Waterfall” and a special thank you note. A pledge of $2500 will get you into the exclusive listening party once the album is complete. If you drop $5,000 you get to choose a slumber party with either Chili or T-Boz.  In case your wondering, Katy Perry didn’t claim her reward of a sleepover.

If you don’t want to spend your tax return money you can donate  less than $10.00 and get to preview a exclusive kickstarter remix.

For more info visit TLC’s  kickstarter page here





0Bikini Bliss: Kim Kardashian & Amber Rose

This week has become a  battle of the bikini bodies between Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian. It all started when Amber Rose attempted to brake the internet by releasing sexy photos in a very revealing bikini from a Miami balcony.

Kim Kardashian not to be outshined by Rose uploaded  photos of herself wearing a fur bikini against a snowcovered backdrop.


Who won this battle?

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0Kim and Kanye Balmain campaign





Kim Kardashian and Kanye West model together for Balmain’s new spring menswear ad campaign. The fashion designer’s creative director Olivier Rousteing shared a few  Instagrams of the photos with the caption “#itsallaboutlove”



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Here’s the hot 97 interview


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