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0Plies gets body slammed hard in Tallahassee at Concert

0Tyga calls Drake a “B-tch” & wants to knuckle up


Drake releases his surprise mixtape You’re Reading This It’s Too Late that features a song called, “6PM in New York.” 

The Toronto rapper took an obvious jab at Tugs for allegedly dating 17 year old Kylie Jenner. He raps  “I heard a lil lil homie talking reckless in Vibe

Quite a platform you chose, you shoulda kept it inside
Oh you tried, it’s so childish calling my name on the world stage
You need to act your age and not your girl’s age”

Tyga waisted no time responsed to the low shade

“drake u still a bitch. All that sneak dissing is weak. Just pull up. I know where u live and you know my address.. U been ducking the fade from Brown.”

For some  reason Tyga tweeted and then quickly deleted the tweet.


 You can listen to the track here

0Ludacris wins primary custody of his 1 year daughter




A judge has granted rapper Ludacris  primary custody of his 1 year old daughter Cai Bridges over Tameka Fuller. Tameka was granted visitation rights.

Tameka testified in court  that  Ludacris initially cried when she broke the news to him she w as pregnant. He offered her $10,000 to have an abortion and promised to buy her a new house.

Tameka was already receiving 7,000 a month in child support and headed back to court for an increase. She even claimed Luda’s recent married to Eudoxie was a ploy to attract the attention of the court. Luda’s defense team argued Fullers abortion story caused damage to the rappers reputation and proved she was an unfit mother.


According to tmz the judge reviewed the report from an independent expert as well as the testimony and concluded Luda was the more fit parent.
Luda tells TMZ, “I am gratified that the judge found me to be the most fit and proper parent to have primary physical custody of our beautiful daughter.”




0Lil Wayne disses Birdman and Young Thug on “Sorry 4 the Wait 2″


Lil Wayne has his lawyers working over time to get him off of his long time label Cash Money. Lil Wayne has placed  his beef with Birdman on wax. Check out his lyrics below.

“Tha Carter gon’ be late so I cooked up a tape,” he says in the intro, “The garden’s full of snakes so I had to escape.”
“Who kept this shit together? Nigga, me, that’s who,” he raps in the opening bars, “Who was there when niggas left? Nigga, me, that’s who / Cash Money is an army, I’m a one man army / And if them niggas comin’ for me, I’m goin’ out like Tony.”
“Now I don’t want no problems, I just want my money,” he adds in the verse before referencing his alienation from the label:
“Birdman Jr., more like Ugly Duckling.”




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0New video by Dej Loaf feat Young Thug x Birdman “Blood”



0Nicki Minaj Calender 2015 is Oozing with Sexiness

0Lil Wayne Wants Off Cash Money!!!

Screenshot_2014-12-04-14-34-06_1_1_wm (3)


Lil Wayne rarely tweets! But today he jumped on twitter to tweet about his frustration and displease with his label Cash Money which you can read above in a series of tweets. For reasons beyond Lil Tunechi‘s control his upcoming album, Tha Carter V  has been pushed back like Lebron James hairline.

Wayne has released singles Believe Me, Krazy, and Gotti over the past few months. The album was due out December 9th but obviously that won’t be happening.


0New music K. Michelle “Drake Would Love Me”


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