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0New song by Tiny “What the f*ck you gone do?”

“What the f*ck you gone do” is a response to T.i.’s  song “Stay”.  On the song Ti basically begs his wife to stay with him and admits cheating on his end. He raps “I ain’t trippin cuz you caught me out there but your reaction to it pushed me further out there.”

Tameka Tiny Harris new release has skyrocketed to number one on Itunes.  Tiny visited the Rickey Smiley Morning Show and revealed what really went down between her and Floyd Mayweather, her marriage to T.I. and more.



0Lil Wayne looking to sign Cristiano Ronaldo to sports management agency



Lil Wayne is preparing to launch his own sportsmanagement agency. He has his eyes set on Portugal soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo as his first high profile client.

Wayne’s agency will handle all of Ronaldo’s branding from marketing to endorsements here in the U.S.

The company will be working with PolarisSports — which is affiliated with the CAA agency and GestiFute according to tmz.

0Soulja boy posting fake 100 dollar bills on Instagram.



 Soulja boy got caught red handed posting fake 100 dollar bills on Instagram. A user wrote

“Am I the only one that realizes those are white pieces of paper under the $100 on top!!!!” said one user.”

Soulja Boy quickly deleted the photo  and admitted the following

“I just want my fans to know that yes I was on set shooting a video and they had prop money and I took a picture with it. All my cash is real. They had prop money at turn my swag on video 2. They always have props. But I don’t want y’all to think I would fool y’all with fake stuff,” he said via Twitter.

“Y’all keep it real with me tho if you seen 100k in prop money at a photo/videoshoot would u take a picture with it? Lol.”

0Floyd Mayweather says he slept with T.I.’s wife Tiny


Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather has been busy promoting his upcoming fight against Maidana. Somehow Tiny’s name got into the mix.

Via tmz

A heckler asked the egomaniac boxer “what about T.I.?” to which Floyd replied “What about the bitch?  I was f***ing his bitch.” The heckler was referring to the brawl at Fat Burger.

Floyd reached out to tmz to clear things up insisting he never said he was sleeping with Tiny.  He said  ”he thinks I was f***ing his bitch.”

Tiny confirmed to tmz she never slept with Floyd and thinks he only spoke out at the press conference to get revenge for ignoring him on the BET red carpet.

Video footage

0RHOA Apollo doubts his marriage to Phaedra will last



Apollo told Atlanta’s B-100 he’s “salty” about his wife Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks not showing up for his sentencing. Apollo was sentenced to serve 8 years for bank fraud and identity theft. It’s possible Phaedra felt embarrassed and humiliated by her husband’s actions and for this reason chose to avoid the media.

The reality star admitted to breaking down and crying over his sentence and disappointing his sons. He still continues to blame his wrongdoings in life on his parents.

Apollo was ordered to  repay $1,948,214.85 in restitution which originally was at the $14 million mark.

Who will be the first to file divorce papers?

Radio interview here


0“Scholarships” video by Juicy J and A$AP Rocky

0LHHATL More nude pics of Althea + Sex tape leak

An anonymous source sent balleralert some more nudes and a sex tape of Love and hip hop Atlanta star Althea Hart.

The source makes it clear the photos are not of her and Benzino.

Can’t wait for the reunion!

Head over to ballerallert for NSFW pic + video 


0Love and Hiphop Atlanta Cast wants Joseline fired

Love and hip hop Atlanta’s reunion taping ended with explosive fights.

Here’s what went down via tmz

Tuesday night’s fight started when Benzino called Stevie J a crackhead.  Stevie J then charged Benzino, yelling “f*** you.”

Stevie J’s GF Joseline then amped things up by attacking Benzino’s wife Althea, punching her in the face so hard everyone around heard a crack.  Joseline then pulled out part of Althea’s weave.

But Joseline’s handiwork wasn’t done … Joseline then made a beeline for Waka Flocka Flame’s wife, Tami — yanking out Tami’s pony tail weave. Waka’s mom Debra jumped in, punching Joseline in the head and ripping out her extensions.

Security then booted Joseline from the set.  On her way out she passed Mimi Faust in the stairway … elbowing her in the back and shoving her down the stairs.

The security guard tried to subdue Joseline, who then bit the guard, ripping off a piece of flesh.

An emergency meeting was called Tuesday and producers decided to do away with a live audience and  to keep cast members separate during the rest of the reunion filming.

Fight video here

Update Benzino claims the entire brawl was set up by Mona Scott Young

0Gucci Mane under investigation for allegedly raping tranny in prison


Via blastdatass

Gucci Mane is currently serving a 39 month sentence in jail after pleading guilty to a federal firearms charge.

Even though, the rapper is currently behind bars, he still couldn’t manage to stay out of trouble.
Gucci Mane, whose real name happens to be Radric Davis, is allegedly under investigation for raping a transsexual in prison over a pack of cigarettes.

The crazy part about this situation is Gucci Mane was given a light sentence from prosecutors, but still couldn’t manage to serve his time without further incident.

The rape allegedly occurred in the overpopulated and understaffed Fulton County Jail.

The Fulton County Jail released few details about the incident, but according to close sources the rape supposedly occurred last Thursday night around 11:30 P.M.

The victim Lamar Coleman, who is currently serving a sentence for prostitution, allegedly reported the rape to prison staff.

One of the guards allegedly told a local news reporter, “Lamar Coleman claims he was raped by the infamous rapper Gucci Mane for stealing a pack of cigarettes. Usually prison rapes are swept underneath the rug, but I thought this situation was interesting due to the fact young men ride around gang banging to his music. Little do these want to be thugs know the ice-cream tattoo isn’t the only thing sweet about Gucci Mane.”



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