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0This is what Beyonce and Jay z son would look like? (Photo)

According to famous forensic artist. Dr. D’Lynn Waldron and tmz — who’s worked as a consultant for the FBI… this is what  Beyonce and Jay Z ‘ s son might look like if it’s a boy. The kid has his father’s features and his mother eyes.

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0Meet Lauren London and Wayne’s son Cameron (Photo)

Exclusive photo of 2 year old Cameron  by blogger Atlien. Cameron look just like Mommy Lauren London


0Photo:If Diddy x Jennifer Lopez had a babygirl

Fast Forward to the [19:00] mark to watch the brief  love story  unfold about Diddy and JLo on Jennifer Lopez’s Vh1 Behind the Music special….Diddy wants you to think that J-lo didn’t break up with him but that it was a mutual decision.

Diddy crossed with J-lo = D-lo

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[Photo]Swizz and Alicia Keys Son Swizzy jr.

2Photo: Swizz beatz x Alicia Keys Baby Boy (Swizzy Jr)

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22If Nicki Minaj and Eminem had a babygirl it would look like…

BAby Barbie

2If Jayz and Beyonce had a babygirl it would like….

Lil  Brooklyn Beyonce  Carter

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