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0Beyonce “7/11″ & “Ring Off” (LISTEN to Full Versions)



Two new Beyonce tracks have been surfaced online. On the track”Ring Off” Yonce is singing about her moms divorce from father Mathew Knowles.

Mama, I understand your many sleepless nights
When you sit and you think about Father
Or how you tried to be the perfect wife


You used to dress and fix your hair
Then you smiled through your tears
In the mirror you would stare
And say a prayer
Like, “I wish he said I’m beautiful
I wish it didn’t hurt at all
I don’t know how I got here
I was once the one who had his heart”


And then we have 7/11 is more of a party track.


*Update* See the visual to 7/11 here


0New music by Tink “Around the Clock”, “Moving Bass”




Producer Timbaland has a brand new artist and the internet is going cray cray over the teenager. Her name is Tink and the Chicago native is only 19.

Tink‘s song “Around the clock” features Power 105 The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne tha God. “Her album is probably one of the best albums I did since One in a Million,” Timbaland  said.

Check out her music.


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Comments OffTrina sets her relationship with French Montana straight on The Breakfast CLub




After much speculation Miami rapper Trina finally  set the record straight about her and Badboy recording artist French Montana’s relationship. The two were close friends nothing more nothing less according to Trina.

Trina detailed their relationship in her interview with the Breakfast Club

“We really was not in a relationship,” Trina said. “Let’s be clear about that. I never told him that I was your girl. There’s a lot of reasons. I guess now we can see why. Because you just got a lot of growing up to do. I could come up here and expose you and bash you, but I’m so much better than that. I’m not gonna do that. But I will say this, we were friends. And as being friends today as we speak makes two years I would have known you…I think a relationship to me starts with friendship. I think that me and him kinda was on the same page, but different pages kinda. He had a situation. He was going through a divorce or whatever. That was one of the reasons why I never really got into a relationship with him. I wanted that to be clear. And it was a lot of back and forth, but I was there with you every single day and step of the way while you was dealing and going through that. Beyond supportive. I’m the one that told you to step up to the plate like a man and make the right choice.”

“I was your friend. I was in your life. And when you say ‘friend,’ I mean friend not like the girl you met at the club or the girl you took home and we was smashing. Not that kind of friend. I was the kind of friend that when you came to Miami, you never slept in a hotel because you stayed at my house every single time. The friend that I have the keys to your house still, right now, today. That kind of friend. The friend that everything you post on your Instagram of your house, I did that.
On how she found out about French dating Khloe Kardashian
“I found out like the rest of the world. It was all over the internet, my twitter, my IG, my everything. Its a little surprising when you’re living with somebody and they’re running around with somebody else. I was cool with her way before I met her way before I met all of them, Like years, years, years ago back in the lets go out and party get high fun days”

0Nelly’s new Reality Show “Nellyville” Trailer

Here’s a first look at Nelly‘s new reality show featuring Floyd Mayweather’s ex  Ms. Jackson. We will see Nelly in a different light as he raises his 2 biological kids Chanelle and Cornell and his deceased sister two children named Sydney and Shawn . The show premieres November 25th @ 10:30pm

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0Drake Turns Up in Front of Nightclub

Video footage

Drake dropped some stacks as he rushed past security into Club Stadium in D.C. Saturday night. According to hiphopwired Rumor is Drake’s DJ caught the fade courtesy of Tyga affiliates. Or a stripper stole his chain?  But this is all pure speculation. Yeah, this story is developing.


Here’s what tmz is reporting

Drake threw a whole lot of cash away Sunday … but he wasn’t making it rain — the rapper was rushing into a club he had just left in a fury, looking like he was ready for a fight.

Drake was celebrating his birthday at Club Stadium in Washington D.C. Saturday night/early Sunday … and we don’t know why, but Drizzy was carrying what looked like thousands of bucks.

Some people inside the club claimed they saw someone punch a member of Drake’s crew … which could have triggered his temper.


Comments OffDrake’s OVO crew takes shots at YMCMB Tyga

#TheyRWhoWeThoughtTheyWere #Eps.1

A video posted by @chubbsview on

After having the moxie to admit he didn’t like Nicki Minaj and calling Drake “fake”, a member of Drake’s OVO crew named Chubbs stepped up to take some  jabs at Tyga.

Chubbs posted footage of Tyga’s appearance from “Bustas,” a MTV shelved reality show that came to light in 2012. Clips from the show revealed that Tyga is from the surburbs and thus likely lacks the street credibility he previously aligned his image with. (vladtv)

Drake liked 5 of Blac Chyna’s IG photos in response to be labeled “fake”.  Whether or not Drake will put a diss on wax at somepoint remains to be seen.

0Tyrese and Sanaa Lathan Spotted on a Date


via tmz

Actor Tyrese Gibson almost made a clean getaway with his new GF — almost — but we got the shot of him out on a date with Actress  Sanaa Lathan … the first shot of the new power couple.

Sources close to the pair tell TMZ … Tyrese and Sanaa had dinner at Pizzeria Mozza in Hollywood on Monday, but no one got pics or video. Then on Wednesday night they hit the Cheesecake Factory in Topanga … and our camera guy spotted them.

Later on Sanaa added fuel to fire by posting a IG photo of herself  inside of Tyrese’s home.
Are these two dating?
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