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0Lady Gaga releases “ArtPop” Track List & Art

Gaga unveiled her tracklist and fanart of each song on Twitter. We only posted a few above.

“To announce the ARTPOP track list I’ve commissioned a mural by my most dedicated Los Angeles fans, Known as the LA Rivington Rebels, they’ve been sleeping outside of the Record Plant (my studio) for a month! Sleeping bags, booze & all.”

“At 9pm PT they will all begin tweeting pictures of their work!” she added before promptly retweeting 15 photos which spell out each and every song name.

ARTPOP track list:
“Sexxx Dreams”
“Jewels N’ Drugs”
“Do What U Want”
“Mary Jane Holland”

0(WATCH) Lady Gaga 2013 VMA’s Performance

13VMAgaga by YardieGoals

0New Video: Lady Gaga “Applause”

Gaga  describes the new video as a ‘fashion, pop, performance art fantasia’

“MY 1ST MUSIC VIDEO IN 2 YRS PREMIERES IN LESS THAN 26 HRS ON @GMA AND VEVO!. A fashion, pop, performance art fantasia,” Gaga  tweeted.

“OK lets start over! I’m so excited to see u at the premiere of my video @gma in 8 hrs. I am grateful to share this new experience with you!

“I’ve thought of u fans every moment since the last BTWBall & dreamt everyday how I could make it up to u. Only w your happiness comes mine.

“I know this sounds weird but, I can’t believe I’m gonna be on TV today for an interview! It’s been so long, I can’t wait to see your smiles!”


0Lady Gaga Mocked By Perez Hilton After Hip Injury

Gaga sent the above tweets just hours after blogger Perez shared a video with his Twitter followers in which he criticised Gaga’s new single Applause, saying, “It’s so unrelatable. This song is all about her. It’s a few steps backwards, I’m really disappointed.”

He also compared the track to another by Madonna, asking fans, “Does Lady Gaga’s Applause sound too much like Madonna’s Girl Gone Wild to you?” and “Woah! Lady Gaga’s Applause has dropped to #4 on iTunes in America. That country singer, Luke Bryan, is beating her.”

It seems Gaga’s and Perez friendship has ended.

0New music by Lady Gaga “Applause”

0Gaga Pukes on Stage

Shyne will not be at Rick Ross black bar mitzvah

Kris Jenner caption this

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russell brand ten years of sobriety with ex wife katy parents

0Lady gaga: “Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15”


Lady gaga posted the above photos to her website with the caption  “Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15,”. She recently admitted to gaining 25-30 pounds after the mainstream media labeled her  ”fat”.

Gaga called for fans to post their own photos celebrating their “perceived flaws.”

“Today I join the BODY REVOLUTION to inspire bravery and BREED some motherf**king COMPASSION. My mother and I created the BORN THIS WAY FOUNDATION for one reason: To inspire bravery. This profile is an extension of that dream. Be brave and celebrate with us your ‘perceived flaws,’ as society tells us. May we make our flaws famous and thus redefine the heinous. Now that the body revolution has begun, be brave and post a photo of you that celebrates your triumph over insecurities.”


0Lady Gaga 30 pound Weight Gain




Lady gaga gained around 25-30 pounds and the media is acting as if she’s the new half ton lady on TLC or something. What is the big deal people!? There are some unflattering [photos] of her floating around. Gaga finally had enough and snapped back saying:

‘To all the girls that think you’re ugly because you’re not a size 0, you’re the beautiful one. It’s society who’s ugly,’ Gaga wrote.

‘Thanks to my fans who love me no matter what, and know the meaning of real beauty&compassion,’ she told her 29million followers.

‘I really love you.’

0Lady Gaga gets Head Tattoo (photo)

Posting the image of what appears to be a cherub inked on her scalp Gaga said, “You’re a made woman of the art mafia.”


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