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0New music by August Alsina feat Nicki Minaj “No Love”

0Summer Tunes: Usher feat Nicki Minaj “She Came To Give It To You’

0New video by August Alsina x Pusha T “FML”


Let me tell you bout my self: I’m not scared to die
Been through so much shit, sometimes I wanna be in the sky
Wanna know how it feels to fly, wanna know how it feels to fly
Scared of hello, I ain’t scared of goodbye

I never thought that I would be here, I never thought I’d get this far
If they say life is like a beach chair , then why am I sitting in the dark

Sometimes I just feel like – fuck my life
Fuck my life
Even when I’m up I’m feeling down
Fuck my life
Got niggas locked up or underground
Fuck my life, fuck my life
Sometimes I just feel like – fuck my life
Fuck my life, fuck my life



0New music Trey Songz feat Nicki Minaj “Touchin Lovin”

Trey songz and Nicki Minaj team up for touchin, lovin off of Trey’s album “Trigga”.  This will be Trey 6th studio album.


0New music video by Nicki Minaj “Pills and Potions “


Jayceon plays nicki’s love interest.

0Nicki Minaj brings out Drake at Summer Jam

0Khloe Kardashian & French Montana Pose with Gun Pic

About to go gucci maaannnnnn


0Lil Wayne threatens Justin Bieber Manager Scooter

Lil wayne woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. In a video clip Lil Wayne  is seen along side  Lil Twist hopping off a private jet. Wayne obviously feels some type of way against Scooter and let it be known. To give you some background, Lil Twist was kicked out of Justin Bieber’s inner circle after Justin’s jewelry was stolen out of his  Calabasas mansion. Lil Twist was living with Justin at the time.  Lil Twist was also called a bad influence because of Justin’s many run-ins with the law.  Read what Weezy had to say below.

“I heard this b*tch a** ni**a Scooter talkin’ sh*t about my little brother,” he said in broken English. “Ni**a this my motherfu*kin’ brother. Anything you got to say, when you see me, say it to my motherfu*kin’ face. And if you do happen to say it to my motherfu*kin’ face, I ain’t gonna make you eat them words, ni**a; I’ma put them b*tches on your tombstone.”

0Update! Floyd Mayweather and T.i. Get into Huge fight in Vegas



Boxer Floyd Mayweather was eating at Fatburger on the strip in Vegas when Family Hustle’s T.I. came up to him and started swinging. Giant bodyguards jumped in and separated the two.

Balleralert  sources are reporting the fight had to do with Tiny. Floyd said to Ti “control your bitch”

By the time cops showed up Ti was long gone.


Here’s a video of the fight and check out BallerAlerts instagram page of the fight aftermath.

Update necolebitchie interviewed Floyd Mayweather



Floyd on his relationship with Tiny
I been knowing Tiny before T.I. I’ve never slept with her, I never kissed her, never touched her in no inappropriate way. Her friend Shekinah wanted to come to the [May 4th] fight, she brought Tiny with her. They came to the fight.

After the fight was over Saturday night, Sunday they came over my mother’s house. My mother had a big, big party for me. They came over and showed love. They came over to my house all cool, all respect. Hang out with The Money Team, my crew. Everybody was cordial. No disrespecting type. After that, I guess she put a picture up on Instagram of her at the fight so I guess he Read more 


Ti posted a instagram video to quiet rumors he has two black eyes.

“They said I’ve got two black eyes,” T.I. says in the clip. “Where they at, though? These ones I’m looking at? Are they black for real? Damn, been like that all my life. Fucked my hand up. That’s about it.”

Tiny isn’t exactly sticking by her man. Here’s what she had to say



This recent photo is what Tiny is talking about here

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