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0Snapchat 23 year old Founder Turns down $3 Billion in Cash

Facebook owner  Mark Zuckerberg recently offered the founder of Snapchat to purchase their photo-sharing app, according to The Wall Street Journal. They said no.

23 year old Evan Spiegel (right) co founder of Snapchat turned down $3 billion in cash! Created in 2011, Snapchat lets people send each other photos and videos that disappear a few seconds after being viewed. The app is mostly used by teenagers.

Facebook has had a declining teen demographic for the past several years. Back to Snapchat, the company is reportedly worth 4 billion dollars and will be worth more in the coming years.

If you think Evan is crazy think about this Mark Zuckerberg turned down 1 billion from Yahoo in 2006 and the company now has a current valuation of $120 billion.

Would you have taken the $3 billion dollar cash deal?

0(WATCH) Hacker group claims to have cracked Apple’s iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner

“Fingerprints should not be used to secure anything. You leave them everywhere, and it is far too easy to make fake fingers out of lifted prints,” a hacker named Starbug was quoted as saying on the CCC’s site.


0(VIDEO) Iphone 5S with Fingerprint Scanning


0(RUMORS) New Iphone 6: What To Expect

  •  finger print scanning for added security
  •  4.3-4.7 -inch screen
  • OLED screens
  •  All glass body and no expandable frame screens
  • Virtual keyboard
  • A7 quad core processor
  • Wireless charging
  • Redesigned icons
  • Control Center for customization
  • Will be either presented as  the Iphone 6 or 5s
  • May make a September 2013 debut

0(VIDEO REVIEW) HTC One Mini vs Galaxy S4 Mini

0RIP Vine: Instagram launches Rival Video App



Instagram launched a video-sharing tool on Thursday, in a move that will place the Facebook-owned company in direct competition with Vine, the Twitter-backed video app.

Instagram videos do not “loop” in the same way as Vines, but the Instagram format offers users up to 15 seconds of recording time instead of the sometimes-limiting six seconds on Vine.

Instagram’s popularity was in part based on the special filters users could impose over their pictures, and Instagram video has similar capabilities – with 13 specially created filters available to process video.

“We’re excited to see what the community will bring to video, whether it’s your local cafe showing you just how they made your latte art this morning, or an Instagrammer on the other side of the world taking you on a tour of their city, a mother sharing her joys in parenting as her children laugh and play, or your favorite athlete taking you behind the scenes,” Systrom wrote in his blogpost, linking to examples of Instagram video in action.

Instagram Video vs Vine … Techcrunch takes a hard look how these two platforms are different click here

0Watch First Clip of Ashton Kutcher in Steve Jobs “Operating System”

Attention Computer Geeks!! ….The first official clip from JOBS has been released, featuring Ashton Kutcher as the Apple Inc. cofounder Steve Jobs. Check it out now.


0Instagram can now sell your photos


On Monday Instagram a popular photo sharing site which was purchased by Facebook earlier this year released their new terms of service which caused a bunch of confusion and uproar among users.

Monday’s statement:

“To help us deliver interesting paid or sponsored content or promotions, you agree that a business or other entity may pay us to display your username, likeness, photos (along with any associated metadata), and/or actions you take, in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you.”


The updated terms significantly broaden what Instagram can currently do with users’ content. The current terms simply note that “Instagram may place such advertising and promotions on the Instagram Services or on, about, or in conjunction with your Content.”

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom vowed Tuesday to remove language from the service’s privacy policy that seemed to say Instagram was going to allow user pictures to be employed in advertising.

“The language we proposed … raised questions about whether your photos can be part of an advertisement,” Systrom wrote in a blog post entitled “Thank you and we’re listening.”

Tuesday statement:

“I’m writing this today to let you know we’re listening and to commit to you that we will be doing more to answer your questions, fix any mistakes, and eliminate the confusion. As we review your feedback and stories in the press, we’re going to modify specific parts of the terms to make it more clear what will happen with your photos.”


“We do not have plans for anything like this, and because of that we’re going to remove the language that raised the question.”

Systrom reiterated several points, including two particularly controversial ones.

– Instagram doesn’t plan to sell user photos. He said the company is working on updated language to make that perfectly clear.

– He said language that indicated your photos could be used in advertisements will be removed from the terms completely.

“Our main goal is to avoid things likes advertising banners you see in other apps that would hurt the Instagram user experience, Systrom wrote. “Instead, we want to create meaningful ways to help you discover new and interesting accounts and content while building a self-sustaining business at the same time.”

The new terms of service are scheduled to go into effect on Jan. 16.




4New Ipad Mini Unveiled by APPLE retails $329

New Ipad Mini has been unveiled by APPLE an hour ago …7.9 inch display which makes it slightly bigger than a KINDLE.. 10 hour battery life retail price $329.00…Available November 2nd and pre order October 26
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